I went to a dentist for tooth ak. There is a girl dentist and boy dentist in the clinic. I go to the girl dentist every time but 5 days back boy dentist was in the clinic. He said I have a cavity and filled a filling in my tooth.

The girl dentist told me to brush twice times every day. The boy dentist also told me the same thing. I brush in the morning for a long time instead of brushing for some time in the morning and some time in the night. But mummy does not agree with this plan.

How cavities come in tooth?
Answer: When we eat chocolates we will get cavities. Chocolates have a lot of cavities in them because they are made of sugar. When we eat chocolates we will get those cavities in our teeth.

Mummy's notes: Took me a week to help Raunak compose his thoughts logically and type this out and this is as logical as he could get.  Also, I could not convince him that "tooth ache" is the right spelling and not "tooth ak". We had fun. He is already ready with his next post. Teaching him to space them out. Will have to make him upload videos for the last post. Will do it along with the next post.