I Read Mein Kampf

I spent all of last week reading Mein Kamph and it surprising just took a week to complete it. This is the first book I read completely. First big book, that is. Overall it was an interesting book. I felt bad for Hitler because he went to jail, but I also felt for the 6 million people he killed. This book taught me a lot about the wicked history of the 20th century. Now that I have read Hitler's side of story,  I now want to read Anne Frank's the diary of the young girl. The book was in a bad condition and the librarian refused let me borrow. I am going to try and make her let me borrow the book tomorrow. 

I am back

I am blogging after 4 years. I now have a good vocabulary, I can type fast but I don't know what to say after this. So I am blockerboy and I am back in action.

Describing a picture

This is my English assessment practice.

Mummy's Notes: Raunak wanted to blog in a book so I thought I will let him do that and will ask him to upload pictures of it. His drawings have started telling a story these days and I was stumped to see the usage of 'his/her' in his description. He called the'/' a 'splash' though :)

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I went to Goa. There was a swimming pool and I played in the baby pool because I don't know how to swim and I cant go in the big pool. My favorite goa food is salad, papaya, and chicken. I went to the beach. At the beach I saw a dead stingray. My mom told the spelling and I made a drawing in the sand.


I went to a dentist for tooth ak. There is a girl dentist and boy dentist in the clinic. I go to the girl dentist every time but 5 days back boy dentist was in the clinic. He said I have a cavity and filled a filling in my tooth.

The girl dentist told me to brush twice times every day. The boy dentist also told me the same thing. I brush in the morning for a long time instead of brushing for some time in the morning and some time in the night. But mummy does not agree with this plan.

How cavities come in tooth?
Answer: When we eat chocolates we will get cavities. Chocolates have a lot of cavities in them because they are made of sugar. When we eat chocolates we will get those cavities in our teeth.

Mummy's notes: Took me a week to help Raunak compose his thoughts logically and type this out and this is as logical as he could get.  Also, I could not convince him that "tooth ache" is the right spelling and not "tooth ak". We had fun. He is already ready with his next post. Teaching him to space them out. Will have to make him upload videos for the last post. Will do it along with the next post. 

My Video

I recorded a video of singing one song some yesterdays back. But I dont know how to put that in my computer from iphone. Mummy said she will ask her friends and tell me. Then I will put the video on my block*. I have two videos. In one, I was taking very high note and we laughed. After that I practiced a little and became serious and took the correct note and the video recorded well.

Mummy's Notes: I realized I stored the draft of this a few days ago and forgot to publish it. Publishing it now on behalf of Raunak.



I went to meet my friends Snigda and Kittu in Mumbai. Snigda, Kittu and Mumbai are Hindi words that's why there is a red line below it. It is not spelling mistake. We had lot of fun in Snigda and Kittu's house. Neha and Nisha also went with me. Some times Neha, Nisha and Snigda become a group and didn't play with me. Kittu plays with me when Snigda, Neha, and Nisha become a group. I have my Mumbai pictures but my mom don't have a computer. When she gets her computer I will keep my pictures in my block.

Mummy's notes: This computer is not ours and since we have limited time, Raunak and I decided that he will dictate this post and I will type. Neha, Nisha and Snigda, when you grow up and read this post, don't hate Raunak :) He is not used to playing with girls :) He had a blast during the trip!!

My drawing

I drew this picture in my mom's mobile. After that I sent in my computer and then I put the picture in my block.

Mummy's notes: *block=blog

I don't want to be a class monitor

My teacher tell me to become a class monitor. I don't want to be a class monitor because teachers will tell class monitors to do all work. Class monitors should not talk in the class. I like talking in the class to my friends. If my friend Khush will be a class monitor he will be not tell my name to teacher. But if I will be a class monitor, I will also not tell his name when he talks.