I went to meet my friends Snigda and Kittu in Mumbai. Snigda, Kittu and Mumbai are Hindi words that's why there is a red line below it. It is not spelling mistake. We had lot of fun in Snigda and Kittu's house. Neha and Nisha also went with me. Some times Neha, Nisha and Snigda become a group and didn't play with me. Kittu plays with me when Snigda, Neha, and Nisha become a group. I have my Mumbai pictures but my mom don't have a computer. When she gets her computer I will keep my pictures in my block.

Mummy's notes: This computer is not ours and since we have limited time, Raunak and I decided that he will dictate this post and I will type. Neha, Nisha and Snigda, when you grow up and read this post, don't hate Raunak :) He is not used to playing with girls :) He had a blast during the trip!!